Business ambassadors hail Qatari company initiative to develop African communities in Qatar

An initiative to develop African communities in Qatar through a collaboration between a Qatari company and seven embassies is gaining momentum among community leaders who have been appointed “business ambassadors”.
The ‘Ta3araf’ initiative, a program that aims to raise awareness of Qatar in every community, is a collaboration between KON Group and the embassies of South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria , Sudan and Tunisia.
Previously, “trade ambassadors” were appointed under the program. They are Derrick Smith from South Africa, Omar Farah (Kenya), Aliguma Saul Rayan (Uganda), Fatma Hassan (Tanzania), Insaf Ouslati (Tunisia), Noimot Omolara Olayiwola (Nigeria) and Adam Hagar (Sudan) .
According to Smith, the initiative offers an opportunity to engage on a platform that could unite African communities, stressing its importance “for the sustainability of businesses in order to build such relationships”.
Farah highlighted one of the benefits of the initiative, especially when working with the KON Group in capacity building and business alignment for Kenyan residents in Qatar.
“We will endeavor to encourage KON to set up a database for all African communities in Qatar and provide specific solutions for each. One approach could be investing the diaspora and holding conferences with African banks so that they understand the positioning of the diaspora, ”said Farah.
He added, “For this to be in place, community leaders need to be integrated into the whole strategy and supported to reach out. Awareness forums can be organized to assess them on how KON can benefit the community and vice versa.
Rayan, who is president of the Ugandan Community in Qatar (UGACOQ), noted that it is the responsibility of the communities involved to work and achieve the goals and objectives of the program.
Ouslati said that KON provides an opportunity for Tunisia, as well as Tunisian civilization and culture, to help residents learn more about Qatar.
She also praised the group’s efforts to combine art and culture in “very organized programs”.
Olayiwola, founder of the Nigerian Expat Women Forum in Qatar (NEWFOQ), said: “The KON group is rapidly positioning itself as an ambassador of Qatar’s cultural and community engagement with African expatriate communities thanks to its many initiatives. targeting this population.
She added: “Their commitment and dedication to promoting Qatar in a positive light to its residents and their countries of origin through their embassies in Qatar, as well as local associations and groups, is commendable.
“The KON group’s community services including commercial and public relations departments seeking to help expats establish their businesses in Qatar and a new initiative called ‘Ta3araf’ will undoubtedly create a more positive impact and ripple effect. among residents of Qatar, including the Qatari population. ”

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