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Climate change combined with unsustainable farming practices has depleted African soil, leaving much of the land unusable.

In the future, a significant reduction in crop yield and productivity will likely be seen as a consequence of extreme weather conditions and unsustainable farming techniques. Indeed, maize production could decrease up to 10%, even if no climate adaptation action is taken.

According to the African Development Bank (AfDB), it is not only unsustainable, but unaffordable because the the continent spends nearly $ 65 billion to import food – a number that should grow exponentially over the next decade.

In addition to the growing lack of arable land, agricultural knowledge and education has also proven insufficient. The ABD notes however, that the secret to the continent’s economic viability and growth is to equip farmers with training, advice and bridging the digital divide through mobile technology.

With mobile technology at the heart of Africa’s digital journey, The Haller Foundation strives to provide smallholder farmers with access to knowledge, information and education.

This local organization is taking advantage of the growing mobile penetration on the continent to try to ensure the food security of small farmers across the continent through its application – Haller farmers.

The application – which has been developed for farmers by farmers – harnesses the availability of mobile connectivity in Africa to give users insight into affordable, organic and environmentally friendly farming techniques, all of which are inexpensive and reproducible. And in rural areas where data and WiFi access is limited, some content has also been made available offline.

Besides Haller’s farming techniques, app users can also learn about youth farming, human and animal conflict management, and conservation in both in English and Swahili.

Additionally, this digital tool allows farmers to connect with like-minded users around the world through its messaging platform – the Notice Board – where they can share their knowledge and the Haller team can provide a support.

Haller Farmers was originally launched in 2014 and has since been recognized as the Best Android App of the Year at the 2020 UK App Awards – To download now from the Google Play Store.

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