The face and pride of African culture, Princess Nma Appolus Chu

An Okori princess in Eleme, Rivers State, Princess Nma Appolus Chu, certainly earned the nickname “the face of African femininity, culture and tradition” when she chose boldly and against the tendency to meet all the demands of marriage. in the core of the traditional Eleme way at her recent traditional wedding to her idol, Ajirioghene Ilaye, held in Okori, Eleme, Rivers State.

What has taken place is the true marital tradition of the Eleme people as their father, HRH Appolus Chu, Egbere Emere Okori, Oneh Oghale and Oneh-Eh Nchia Eleme X, as custodian of culture and of the tradition of her people, with the full support of her daughter, embarked on a revival of the true meaning of the Eleme tradition which had almost died out.

The African richness, beauty and uniqueness of the traditional marital rites of the Eleme people were in full swing as Princess Nma, despite her exposure, Western education and stay in Canada, observed all the traditional rites of her ceremony of wedding.

The sole purpose of all the rites was to awaken the conscience of the people, so that what remained of Eleme tradition and culture could be saved and passed on to future generations; before modernization, religion and politics stripped everything.

Princess Nma’s action is a clear call to Africans at home and in the Diaspora to rekindle interest in our declining culture so that we can rediscover our uniqueness as a people and find a basis for our development, rather than to follow the trends of other, often foreign, cultures.

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