Trevor Noah donates 8 million rand to South African communities

Trevor Noah is by far one of South Africa’s proudest exporters and although he is currently based in the United States, he has not forgotten his country of origin.

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The actor has created his own non-profit organization, The Trevor Noah Foundation, which aims to help provide South African youth with the education, life skills and social capital needed to pursue new opportunities after graduating from high school or enrolling.

The Trevor Noah Foundation has helped change the lives of 6,000 learners and 500 teachers, as well as countless families in diverse communities.

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Now the foundation, in partnership with YouthBuild South Africa (YBSA), will be able to change even more lives with their latest donation of 8 million Rand!

YBSA’s mission is to mobilize young adults aged 17-29 who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) to improve their lives and their communities. YBSA strives to help these young people become community leaders who can continue to build a better future for these communities.

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This massive donation from the Trevor Noah Foundation will be able to help with just that.

The goal of this donation is to further help connect YBSA graduates in underserved communities to work and self-employment in various industries such as construction, hospitality, information and communication technology. (ICT) and the hotel industry.

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These funds will also help address the lack of infrastructure in schools.

We are happy to see that no matter how successful Trevor is or how far he is, he will always try to help the country he always calls home.

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