10 Best Standalone Restaurants in Indiranagar, Bangalore

If there is a contest for the hottest F&B area in Bengaluru, chances are Indiranagar will emerge victorious. The 12th Main Street alone probably has more dining options than any other main street in India. From takeaway outlets to South Indian fast food restaurants and a plethora of exotic Indian and international options, Indira Nagar has it all. Our list is by no means exhaustive, but certainly captures the “flavor” of Indira Nagar’s bustling culinary scene.

Here are 10 best stand-alone restaurants in Indiranagar, Bengaluru:

1. Phobidden Fruit, Vietnamese cuisine, 12th Main Road

Phobidden Fruit has remained one of our favorite Asian restaurants, although new concepts and restaurants continue to dot Indira Nagar. It’s proof that you don’t have to be within the confines of a luxury hotel to provide an authentic international dining experience. It’s a cozy setting, especially at dinner; the restaurant gets its Pho – Vietnam’s most famous broth, quite right. Other must-try dishes include banh xeo (sizzling pancake) and banh cuon (rice rolls).

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Photo credit: Phobidden Fruit

2. Fatty Bao, 12th Main Road

It may now be a brand that enjoys national recognition, but Fatty Bao’s story began on the 12th main road. Fatty Bao is one of the pioneers of the gastropub concept in India – a trend that has seen the lines between a lounge bar and a fine dining restaurant blur. The interiors of this high-energy Asian gastropub border on quirky. The menu has room for innovative Asian cocktails, small plates, ramens and curries.

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Photo credit: Fatty Bao, Bangalore

3. Sarposh – Restaurant and Tea Room, 80ft Road

Sarposh lets you take a trip to Kashmir without leaving Indira Nagar. This is one of the best regional cuisine restaurants in Bangalore. Food is served on a trami (a large copper tray) usually covered with a lid called a Sarposh (hence the restaurant’s name). Here we recommend the option of traditional Kashmiri style community seating and dishes like Gushtaba mutton, dum aloo and Zafaran firin.

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Photo credit: Sarposh, Bangalore

4. Sly Granny – The Community House, 12th Main Road

It’s not just the name; the back story is equally fascinating – a bar allegedly inherited by an American desi from his grandmother who had quite a few secrets of her own. This one is more than a good story. We dig the interiors which include a speakeasy section. Their cocktails are original and the tap style plates – try the Spanish prawns and baked brie, are scrumptious.


Photo credit: Sly Granny, Bangalore

5. Four Brik – 80 feet drive

Still our favorite pizzeria in Bangalore. Brik Oven got its start on Church Street, but it’s the Indira Nagar outlet with its chic vibe that has our vote. Their fiery Diavola where bird’s eye chili and jalapeno combine with a classic pepperoni is a crowd favorite, but we think their old school Margherita hits the spot too. Wash it all down with one of their decadent shakes – try the Nutella Mini Freak Shake for size.

6. Roof, 100 foot path

Toit is probably the OG of Bengaluru’s wave of modern craft breweries. Toit’s eclectic house brews have made it an early favorite among beer lovers. Finger-friendly small plates have remained in the area since the 2010s. Rooftop’s multiple levels also include a “pet-friendly” beer garden. The relaxed vibe makes it a great place to meet up with your best friends for an extended weekend lunch or a fun night out.

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Photo credit: Roof, Bangalore

7. Sanchez Taqueria and Cantina, 12th Main Road

It’s almost like a slice of Mexico in Indiranagar. Interiors feature rough brick walls accented with vibrant Mexican motifs. The tacos continue to roll out of the taqueria in an attempt to replicate a street taco cart in Mexico City. Their margaritas are a big draw but it’s their signature dessert – dark chocolate guacamole with avocado, for which we will be returning.


Photo credit: Roof, Bangalore

8. The Navu Project, Bangalore International Centre, Domlur

Operating from the Bangalore International Center cafe which is tucked away in a cozy corner; we love their outdoor dining section. This is probably Bengaluru’s version of the India Habitat Centre, Delhi. At a time when many restaurants focus on what’s good for the ‘gram’, it was great to see this space focus on ingredients and flavors. Their current menu (refreshed periodically) is modern European.

9. Secret History, 12th Main Road

A restaurant-bar with a very relaxed lounge atmosphere and a service team on the alert. Secret Story is full of quirky spots, but it’s their ultra-high bar (they claim it’s the tallest in town) that is totally Instagrammable. Their signature cocktails are perfect. Try the South African-style Bunny Chao and their enormous Tiramisu which is good for three.

10. Chianti, 12th main road

This standalone restaurant brand has grown into a chain, it’s the Indira Nagar location that is our pick. Chianti offers a choice of indoor and outdoor seating with a warm ambiance filled with wooden floors. Popular signatures include pizza Margherita, crostini, and chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella, asparagus, and sage. Stay for dessert and order the panna cotta.

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