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Why Beyoncé Was Accused Of ‘Appropriating’ African Culture With Her New Album ‘Black is King’ | indy100

At the moment, a Beyoncé “surprise” album is just a Beyoncé album. This is why fans were thrilled, if not totally shocked, by the announcement that Queen B will be releasing a brand new visual album on July 31. Named ‘Black Is King’ and streamed on Disney +, Beyoncé unveiled …

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Patricia Elam Walker draws inspiration from West African culture to write a book “for all children”

David Wilson for the Boston Globe Growing up in Roxbury, Patricia Elam Walker always knew reading was important. Her mother was a children’s librarian, often found in her favorite reading chair. “For her, children’s books could solve the world’s problems,” Walker said. “She taught me to love reading and to …

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Aurélia Durand on the search for her identity, the celebration of African culture and the importance of diversity

Whether it’s augmented reality, animation, paintings, murals or illustrations, his vibrant afro-pop works, full of nods to his West African heritage, represent men and women. cheerful, proud and empowered black women. Freelancing for brands such as HP, Facebook, Apple and Adobe, Aurélia also recently illustrated Tiffany Jewell’s bestselling book, This …

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