6 Lagos Restaurants to Visit and Enjoy on a Budget of N10,000 – N15,000

It’s another weekend and if you’re like me I’m an OUTSIDER because I need to give you all the content and the weekend is a time to relax and explore new places and activities * wink *. I’ll be dropping dates for my island and mainland family, so if you’re considering new restaurants to visit with friends and family, here are 6 restaurants you can visit on a budget of 10-15,000.

Green wood : This restaurant/lounge is located in Osapa London, Lekki, Nigeria. And as the name suggests, the interior is refreshing. It has lots of wooden patterns and greenery. Every night in this restaurant feels like a party and it’s a happy place. With less than N10,000 you can have an amazing meal. I recently discovered their tomato and seafood pasta and I can tell you that once you taste it, there is no turning back. The calamari and prawns in this pasta are gigantic. I don’t know what they do to pasta, because WHAT!!!, pasta is made from heaven. I love it so much it’s my favorite pasta almost every weekend and the great thing is you can also order take out and enjoy their delicious meals from the comfort of your home. I have a video of this restaurant on my YouTube channel, I leave you a link below.

To Lagos: I have been to this restaurant several times and regarding their food. Hmm… I’m going to rate their food 8 out of 10. Every meal I had there was definitely a hit, from their pasta to their seafood platter, always a hit, and oh my, their cocktails are the best. The ambience gives a clean and refreshing vibe, although the restaurant is quite small. I will recommend a really intimate lunch or dinner. The service is also good, the waiters are very friendly. I also have a video about this restaurant, and the link is at the bottom. I also have a video about this restaurant on my YouTube channel, please check it out.

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Bourbon House Coffee: This restaurant has the best coffee in all of Lagos (slip into my DMs, let’s chat…lol). Aside from the coffee, the food is really good, the service is good, and the atmosphere is quite laid back. I have been to their restaurants in Victoria Island and Ikeja. I like the Victoria Island restaurant more because it is more spacious and there is an indoor and outdoor area. I also like that their menu covers both continental and African dishes. They have meals for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, any meal of the day, so the menu can suit any occasion. You’ll spend a minimum of 11,000 on food and a cocktail here.

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Cacti Lagos: This remains my number 1 restaurant so far because one, the atmosphere is great, it’s warm, friendly, each space has a completely different vibe and there’s literally a space for every type of setting you want; lunch with friends, date with partner, lunch with family. The service is also excellent, the food is quick and the food, hmm… the food is great. You will comfortably get a good meal with less than N10,000. I have a video about this restaurant on my YouTube channel, please watch and subscribe.

The Lagos Nest: This restaurant/lounge is located in Yaba, Lagos. If you are looking for a place to relax, you have to visit this place and the good thing is that every day of the week there are activities for you to enjoy. You should definitely check out their @thenest_lounge page for the weekly activity schedule. Other than that, their food is also very good. They have some really tasty meals and guess what, the prices are pretty affordable so don’t deprive yourself of that premium treat.

Hua Han Lagos: The first time I visited this restaurant was so exciting for me and I will never forget the experience as it was my first time trying Korean food. So if you are looking for something different, you should try Hua Han. Entering Hua Han will make you feel like you are in Korea or China. If you are a KPop or KDrama fan, you would like this. If you like Asian food, they have Chinese and Korean restaurant, you will definitely like it. If your kids like Korean drama or if they like Naruto, you should surprise them by taking them there. The atmosphere is nice, the food is delicious and the cost is affordable, you can get a meal and a drink for N10,000. Hua Han has restaurants in Ikeja and Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island. I also have a video of this restaurant on my YouTube channel, please check it out.

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