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There are few experiences that beat a stay in a grand five-star hotel. Of course, a unique luxury cruise in Antarctica or watching the sunrise over Ankor Wat in Cambodia are pretty hard to beat. But when a hotel goes above and beyond, it can be unforgettable. And when the hotel does something that impactful, it actively makes the world a better place, well, that’s pretty good too.

There’s no doubt that we still have some way to go when it comes to sustainable travel, but consumer interest in the topic has grown post-pandemic. Of the 30,000 travelers in 32 countries recently surveyed, almost 80% said they intended to stay in a sustainable property at least once in the coming year, a figure up 10% from 2021.

“Many of the sustainable travel trends that were already on the rise before the pandemic will accelerate exponentially, as consumers who are more aware than ever of their impact on the people and places they visit increasingly seek more opportunities to contribute to positive change,” Vice Nina Boys, Sustainability Chair for Beyond Green, said Robb Report. “Similarly, savvy businesses and destinations will invest in real innovation to meet this demand, including through tools that allow travelers to more seamlessly support local communities and help protect the incredible richness of diversity. of our planet through their explorations.”

That is, we no longer talk about “green” in the sense of “reuse your towels” and “eliminate single-use plastics” (although, yes, that’s a good place to start). Instead, here are seven hotels that, through innovative design, impactful experiences and more, strive to make a world of difference every day.

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