Addis Ababa hotels to adhere to maximum COVID-19 protocol for AU summit

January 29, 2022/ENA/ Hotels in the capital have expressed their willingness to adhere to the maximum COVID-19 protocol for the 35th AU summit, said the president of the Addis Hotel Owners Association -Abeba, Aster Solomon.

Speaking to ENA, the President of the Addis Ababa Hotel Owners Association said that the hotels have been prepared in a way that strictly adheres to the maximum prevention protocol for COVID-19, noting that the most hotels in Addis Ababa had huge experience in handling the AU Summit.

Avoiding crowds and close contact, wearing a properly fitted mask as well as frequent hand cleaning are some of the COVID-19 protocols that will be strictly observed at the meeting by hotels, she added. .

The association is strictly monitoring hotels’ ongoing preparations in this regard, Aster said.

She said, “As soon as we learned that the summit would be held in Addis, we started offering awareness training to hotels in Addis regarding the implementation of strict COVID-19 protocols.”

Managers of over 70 international standard hotels in Addis Ababa today received refresher training on how to effectively implement the COVID-19 protocol.

Minister of State for Tourism Seleshi Solomon said on the occasion that following the decision of AU member states to hold their summit in Ethiopia, the Ministry of Tourism has proactively started to improve the preparation of hotels in order to comply with the maximum COVID-19 protocols and to make the international standard. services to their guests during the Summit.

Citing that Ethiopia has already received a ‘Safe Travel Stamp’ from the UK-based World Travel and Tourism Council in terms of adhering to the COVID protocol; he said guests at the summit will be given maximum security, the minister of state added.

He assured that the preparations made by the hotels and other hospitality services will be in line with what African leaders and other guests of the Summit expect from the Ethiopian hospitality sector.

Hyatt Regency Hotel Manager Birhanu Zerfu said the hotel is among the pioneers in Ethiopia to implement a state-of-the-art solution regarding the COVID-19 protocol.

To minimize the touchpoint, he said the hotel is now presenting digital menus to UA guests and encouraging guests to use it.

He pointed out that in addition to improving distancing and cleaning of touchpoints, rooms will be disinfected frequently to ensure the safety of guests, Birhanu added.

Azzeman Hotel banquet manager Fasil Mammo said even before the summit venue was announced, the hotels had already implemented strict COVID-19 protocols.

The ordinary session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union will also be held from February 5 to 6.

The AU Summit will be convened under the theme “Building Nutrition Resilience on the African Continent: Accelerating Human Capital, Social and Economic Development.

The decision by the leaders of AU member countries to hold the 35th Summit in Addis Ababa could be seen as a diplomatic victory for Ethiopia, the government’s communications minister, Dr. Legesse Tulu, said on Thursday.

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