AFEN brings African culture to the world through unique NFT collections

Africa is a must-visit continent for blockchain and cryptocurrency activities. Various startups are trying to leverage these new technologies to make a significant impact. AFEN Blockchain Group launches its NFT Market soon, putting another spotlight on blockchain efforts across the continent.

Africa and Blockchain come together

There has been a significant increase in interest in blockchain across Africa in recent years. Its transparency and accountability can bring benefits and even usher in a kind of “new Africa”. Not only the countries of this continent to arrive in Google Trends for “cryptocurrency”, there are various blockchain-based efforts to boot. As Africa is home to the youngest population of any continent, the transition to innovative and digital technologies is not surprising.

Moreover, the country has a lot of charisma, knowledge and artistic conception to offer to the world. Bringing these indigenous “specialties” to a wider audience will highlight its global value and educate people on the continent. Using blockchain technology for this purpose – or even non-fungible tokens – can pave the way for a broader understanding of African culture.

The current state of non-fungible tokens confirms that much of the value is changing hands every day. Many projects succeed in unique ways, whether they represent collectibles, utilitarian NFTs, or representations of real-world objects. More weekly volume $146 million confirms that interest in non-fungible tokens is not diminishing. Some rare NFTs sell for as much as $2.11 million, guaranteeing a market for all sorts of endeavors.

The AFEN NFT marketplace

One of the projects combining blockchain and African culture and art is the AFEN NFT marketplace. It focuses on inherited African art and artifacts and digital collectibles from African designers. Additionally, the platform will house digital collectibles from around the world. As a first initiative, AFROXNFT will serve as a springboard for African designers to launch their NFT collections. Jesse Tomi’s collection, dubbed “The Beginning”, is the first collaboration between the AVEN NFT marketplace and a 3D digital artist.

The primary role of AFROXNFT is to represent the core of African existence. The artist will introduce market users to a mixture of futurism and culture. There will be a total of 1,000 AFROXNFT in the first phase, at the floor price of 1 BNB. These NFTs are comprised of a male, female, genderless child, and a masquerade. The masquerade is symbolic in African culture and can represent an age group, an era, a disguise or a visitation from spirits. There will be 100 different masquerades featuring disguises of animals, humans, compositions and cultural heroes.

Additionally, the release of AFROXNFT will usher in a monthly airdrop of $AFEN tokens. Randomly selected AFROXNFTs will receive the interchangeable token each month. Like African culture, this “draw” will see a few lucky smiles from the gods.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain projects on Africa do not always get the general attention they need or deserve. Creating projects that can transcend borders and continents will help change this narrative for the better. As NFTs are currently a popular trend, any effort leveraging this technology can, in theory, gain traction globally fairly quickly. The AFROXNFT company also has an educational purpose, because most people know very little about Africa and its culture.

Non-fungible tokens should never be about speculation or monetary gain. Instead, they must offer another kind of value, whether artistic, educational or otherwise. Combining the best of blockchain art, culture, and technology can lead to new insights, developments, and insights. Giving budding artists a chance to share their work with the world without worrying about restrictions or middlemen can pay off in the long run.

Picture by AM Hassan Nasim from Pixabay

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