African Culture Festival to promote women’s beach soccer

The festival is set to take place in Stone Town in Zanzibar next month, to commemorate Africa Month from May 23-29.

Hassan Mzee, CEO of the Zanzibar Tour Operators Association, revealed in Dar es Salaam yesterday that he was briefing the press on the general plans for the festival.

Mzee revealed that retired President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was to honor the festival.

“We all know that beach soccer started in Zanzibar. This time around we will have women’s beach football which we believe will represent women’s culture from the aspect of sport,” he said.

Mzee who is also the president of the festival said that the festival will also participate in other sports such as golf which will be held on May 25 at the Isles Sea Cliff Golf Course with the aim of raising funds for a new investment in the construction of a school.

Yinke Abioye, President of FESTAC Africa, pointed out that the festival will not only represent women in sport, but also network different nationalities with a global perspective.

Abioye stressed, “I am quite sure that with football and golf, the arts and culture of mainland Tanzania and the islands will be represented at large.”

“The festival is also an opportunity for networking, collaboration and attracting a multi-generational global community to Zanzibar’s Stone Town to experience a pan-African electric range of cultures,” he said.

He also added that the festival will showcase the virtually intact urban fabric and landscape and the buildings that will reflect its particular culture which has brought together homogenized elements of African culture.

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