Atmosphere: Favorite small hotels in Palm Springs

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a romantic retreat, or an extended work stay not too far from home, Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels has you covered.

Planning a trip to Palm Springs? Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a romantic retreat, or a long work stint that’s not too far from home, there’s a small boutique hotel waiting for you in the Coachella Desert and which has exactly the vibe you need.

While some smaller hotels are great for partying (bachelor party, anyone?), others are better suited to quiet getaways. There are even boutique hotels that cater to LGBTQ communities and clothing optional. And for fans of mid-century modern design, there’s no better place.

No matter what you prefer, Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels has you covered.

Confident Naked – Clothing Optional Desert Resorts
Prohibitions are for puritans and politicians. If you love the sun on your skin and the freedom that comes with getting rid of your clothes at the door, you’ll be in your element at these small, clothing-optional Palm Springs hotels. Cushioned by dry desert air with stunning mountain views, many of these resort-optional resorts cater to gay men. Each of these boutique hotels cultivates a safe and body-positive environment with respect for the openness that nudism and naturism allow. So find the perfect clothing-optional Palm Springs resort town…and let the sun warm your buns.

quite quiet
Listen to this? Nope? Good. This collection of favorite small Palm Springs hotels offers perfectly blissful rejuvenation and rest in beautiful surroundings. Social interaction is minimal, and the only excitement is a perfect on-site massage or dinner at one of Palm Springs’ many restaurants delivered to your room or poolside. Ideal for quiet retreats and extended desert getaways, these charming boutique hotels are known for their peaceful experiences and culture of serenity. Escape to solitude in one of these small boutique hotels.

Art in Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels

Fabulous and fun
Life is a party and why not? You never know who you’ll meet or what adventure you’ll find. So when it comes to planning a bachelor party, a girls’ weekend, or a reunion with college friends, you need a small hotel that won’t drown out the laughs and won’t spoil your fun, one that understands your desire to relax and have an unforgettable experience in Palm Springs. Many Palm Springs boutique hotels have fewer than a dozen rooms, which is perfect for property buyouts so you and your group can have the whole place to yourselves.

Some will even call on a chef for on-site catering. Here are the small boutique hotels that encourage good times and wild memories.

Palm Springs Poolside Preferred Small Hotels

Culturally Queer – Palm Springs LGBTQ Hotels Are Here!
Sometimes you just want to be yourself safely. Go out by the pool with friends. Relax and get away from it all. Enjoy the nightlife. From bearish to salacious, fit for a queen or blissfully serene, you’ll find an extraordinary concentration of beautiful, culturally queer beach resorts that take your breath away in Palm Springs. Some of these small hotels are perfect for parties, while others are designed for long, quiet getaways. But no matter your predilection, you’ll understand why Palm Springs has been a destination of choice for the LGTBQ community and its allies for more than five decades. The below collection of boutique hotels and resorts in Palm Springs caters to gay men and each one has your stay.

Pool Party at Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels

Do Not Disturb – Romantic Hotels in Palm Springs
A touch of intrigue. An exquisite setting. A place where love lingers in the purple sunset. For decades, lovers have known that Palm Springs is the perfect destination for a dream honeymoon, baby moon or long weekend drive. Your relationship isn’t generic, so why stay at a multinational chain when you can plan a romantic getaway to Palm Springs at a small boutique hotel purpose-built with love in mind. Stroll through beautiful gardens and enjoy private courtyards. Savor breakfast in bed, a bath (or massage) for two, or wine in front of the fireplace. These Palm Springs Preferred boutique hotels offer the perfect alchemy of comfort and indulgence for a wonderfully loving vacation.

Santiago Resort - Palm Springs Favorite Small Hotels

Style and Design – Perfectly Designed Hotels in Palm Springs
If you want to book a desert vacation hotel in a setting that suits your personal style, Palm Springs is full of beautiful small hotels. From modern desert to Hollywood glamour, from Mediterranean romantic to urban chic, Palm Springs boutique hotels are known for their attention to style and design. Mid-Century Modern aficionados flock year-round to this award-winning design hotspot to stay in some of the finest and most authentic examples of mid-century design. The hotel staff will even help you book walking or driving tours so you can see the best of desert modernism Palm Springs has to offer. Follow the style of your dreams in Palm Springs, where all of the boutique hotels below pride themselves on their exceptional design details.


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