Celebrate Afrobeats and African culture at Jollof N’ Chill this summer

Over the past five years Afrobeat gained popularity thanks to the music of artists such as Wizkid, Burna Boy, Davido and many more. The genre originates from the music of West Africa with some influences from American hip-hop, jazz and calypso, creating a sound that is unmistakable, positive and, above all, fun to dance to.

Photo credit: Jollof N’Chill, LLC

Meet Ehimwenma Ima-Edomwonyi, born in Nigeria and an MBA in Finance from New Jersey City University, he is an Afrobeats connoisseur who founded the Jollof N’ Chill event, a celebration of all things African; not just music, but also culture, food, art and businesses representing every country on the African continent. These Afro-centric events support diversity between countries and bring new ears to the Afrobeats sound.

Photo credit: Jollof N’Chill, LLC

“Our mission is to inspire people from all walks of life to hear, see and taste Africa. Our events bring together people from all cultures and backgrounds. We continue to bring people around the world to learn, embrace and empower African cultures. Our events have been central to the growth of our community. People took the opportunity to expand their worldviews, cultural knowledge and connections to each other,” Edomwonyi said when asked what the purpose of his Jollof N’ Chill events is.

Since 2018, Jollof N’ Chill has toured major cities where there is a strong presence of West Africans, such as New York, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles, building an audience and seeing an increase in diversity among its participants.

We hope to connect our growing audience with parts of African culture they might have only seen on social media. Our joy is to bring together all African descendants from outside/inside the Diaspora and individuals who appreciate African culture,” says Edomwonyi.

Of course, like most businesses, Jollof N’ Chill events have been hit hard during the pandemic. But Edomwonyi is no stranger to adversity and is looking to make 2022 his year of expansion.

Photo credit: Jollof N’Chill, LLC

To learn more about Jollof N’ Chill, visit their Instagram page: @jollofnchilltheir next event will be for Juneteenth at New York Town.

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