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DESTINY Mineral and Agricultural Consultancy Lifestyle Center (DMAC) is hosting Friday Cultural Day today to celebrate the African narrative through culture at its Harare office.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & StyleDMAC Executive Chairman Vimbai Chakanetsa said the event would showcase culture through song, dance and African cuisines.

“Our biggest challenge in Africa is a distorted image of our reluctance to defend the formulation of our own narrative, choosing to trust the wrong narrative formulated and propagated by other nations,” he said.

“The tendency to be ashamed of our own culture, to be proud of adopting the cultural identities of our former colonial master has robbed us of a rich cultural heritage. Our culture is the glue that holds the nation together and its absence explains the chaos and moral decay we are witnessing at the moment.

Chakanetsa said the event will show how proud Africans are of their culture, adding that it also broadens people’s participation in indigenous cultural development.

“The aim is to embrace and show the world that we are proud Africans who are not ashamed of their culture and traditions, in doing so we are writing our own narrative of African culture and traditions,” did he declare.

“In doing so, we defend our continent against the deliberate distortion of African history, culture and identity by other nations. Tourists visit different destinations to see and appreciate national uniqueness, not imitators of other traditions. If they want British culture, they go to Britain and not to former British colonies like Zimbabwe.

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