Explore African culture in Black Panther

With the film’s latest release, Black Panther, breaking box office records around the world, there’s no better time to learn more about African culture. The UMKC African Students Association (ASA) recently hosted an event that only added to the enlightenment of the black race

Black Panther is a superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics series. Its cast is mainly made up of African Americans whose characters have changed the face of cinema history.

The film broke movie records, pushed tough boundaries, removed cultural limitations, and exceeded our expectations. He helped bring about a change of identity within the black community.

The ASA Experience Africa event highlighted three facts people might not know about Africa. After knowing these facts, you will be able to watch Black Panther with more empathy and understanding.

Fact # 1- “Most Africans speak at least two languages,” said speaker Dr Adegoke. The characters in the film spoke the African languages ​​Swahili and Xhosa.

It’s refreshing not to have to watch the film in full subtitles, as English was also spoken throughout the film.

Most African countries have started to adopt the English language into their culture because it is a “necessary working language”. This film’s fictional location, Wakanda, is no different.

Fact # 2 – Rituals are no stranger to African culture. The most common African ritual appearing in Black Panther was a battle that took place if anyone wanted to overthrow the king. This is just one of many African rituals.

Experience Africa speaker Dr Adrienne Walker Hoard was able to participate in a beading ritual during one of her annual visits to Africa.

“After my many visits to Africa, they finally came to trust me. They welcomed me into their pearl society. It was a ritual that revealed the integrity of the goal, sent love with passion in prayer and many other things, ”Hoard said.

Fact # 3 – African swag stems from their identity. Throughout Black Panther, the exotic style of the characters unabashedly expresses the roots of African culture.

From bright colors to beautiful accessories and layering, it’s easy to see Africa as a continent of distinction. Tribal face paintings, numerous piercings, large earholes, and lip drums set Africans apart from any other race.

Their attire symbolizes power, status, freedom and joy, which only adds to the impact of the film. It’s just who they are.

“Africans must have retained their cultural identity after they started watching TV and realized the world was watching them,” Dr Hoard said.


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