False teachers vex African communities

Kenya (MNN) — Many false teachers in Africa are twisting Christianity for their own benefit.

BBC’s Africa Eye recently visited a cult in Uganda known as the Faith of Unity. They teach that Jesus did not exist and that their leader had supernatural powers. Journalists also visited the site where a rogue pastor and his wife sacrificed a child.

The cover of the flyer that Bruce Allen picked up in Nairobi.

MFI‘s Bruce Allen shares his own experience on a trip to Kenya. “One of the leads I picked up at Nairobi airport said, ‘Jesus is giving business breakthroughs here!’ It mentions the name of their church. And it all depends on how Jesus wants your business to thrive, and Jesus is the solution to your career challenges. Since coming to XYZ Church, they have earned their doctorates. »

Kenya Pastors Conference

This is one of the reasons why IMF brought together pastors in Kenya for a conference in March. FMI’s friends and partners learned from each other and bonded.

The goal? Become like Jesus. Allen says, “Jesus was the epitome of servant-style leadership. Even on the very day when his disciples are bickering over which of them is the greatest, he humbles himself and washes their feet. Very often, in these nominal or sectarian gatherings, everything revolves around the control, the fame, the power that this speaker embodies.

Pray that these pastors will show the character of Jesus to people across Kenya who have been hurt by false teachings.

Conference details

Many Sunday school teachers and church elders also joined the conference, from all over Kenya. Allen says, “It wasn’t just a conference format. There were lots of Q&As, casual conversations during the breaks that were really productive, almost as fruitful as the seminar content. »

“In four days, we had the opportunity to perform around 20 different sessions.”

The conference not only taught pastors, it equipped them to make disciples. They even received training on how to use the Snapshot evangelism tool, a set of picture cards that can easily start a conversation about Jesus.

Header photo courtesy of IMF.

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