FESTAC 2022 to boost trade and showcase African culture in Zanzibar

FESTAC Africa 2022 organizers say the event will boost trade and showcase the richness of African cultures.

A statement titled “Africa’s Biggest Event Loadout” said it would be held in Zanzibar from May 22-29, 2022.

It read: “FESTAC Africa 2022, Zanzibar, to be held May 22-29, 2002, ushers in a new dawn for Africa as we celebrate Africa’s greatest festival of arts, culture, heritage, music, literature, writing, poetry and storytelling.It also aims to promote hospitality, travel and tourism and to encourage the discovery of talent.

“It has the ultimate objective of promoting intra-African trade, business and investment across the continent; and of course explore Zanzibar and have fun.

“This is not just an event, but a powerful festival aimed at showcasing and celebrating the cultural richness of Africa.”

The statement also assured interested visitors and tourists easy access to obtaining visas for the festival, adding that there is a partnership with Sterling Bank, Nigeria to provide travel loans.

“Worried if you can get a visa for the festival, it’s been sorted for a long time and anyone traveling for the festival will get a visa to access all events subject to booking in time. 80% of exhibition stands are booked, so hurry now. Come proudly support Made in Africa and enjoy the best of African heritage in Zanzibar.

“Activities and other attractions include three days of business conferences, five days of displaying products proudly made in Africa, seven nights of music, celebrations, talent discovery, a hip-pop street battle, traditional Swahili music, acrobatics, dancing and much more.

“We are expecting 5,000 visitors, there will be golf, three days of food festival, luxury experiences in Swahili cuisine. We invite you to come swim with dolphins and explore Zanzibar to experience the beauty of Africa.

“If you want to travel and don’t have the funds to do so, Sterling Bank Nigeria provides tourism loans to make travel easier for everyone. Just pay with Specta”

The statement also lists some online links, “If you want to know more, contact, [email protected] or book your travel packages with Goge Africa Worldwide Limited, [email protected]; Trips D and P, [email protected]; D&D Travels Nigeria, [email protected]Angels Style Travel Nigeria, [email protected]; Tourism Plus Nigeria, [email protected]; Barclay Travels Limited, [email protected]””

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