#Hospitalityhelps is now supported by over 300 hotels in 38 countries with 33,575 room nights available for displaced Ukrainian residents

Created by a group of hospitality industry veterans, #HospitalityHelps was launched with one goal: to provide temporary hotel accommodation to Ukrainian residents forced from their homes due to war.

#HospitalityHelps is an online booking platform for short-term hotel stays for people fleeing war in Ukraine. The global initiative has already gained support from many major global hotel groups, including Accor, Hilton, IHG and Marriott, as well as independent hotels, and is the only booking platform that works across borders and brands.

“It all started with a family who needed to rest after a horrible 72 hour journey. Today, day after day, we provide rest in a warm and comfortable bed to hundreds of families. This is hospitality at its best. After 33 years of providing hospitality consulting services at PKF, this is the one thing I feel I have made a difference for,” said Michael Widmann, Global CEO of PKF Hospitality Group.

Preben Vestdam, Founder and CEO of HotelSwaps, added: “In 48 hours, we were able to establish a whole new dedicated reservation system through which hotels could donate rooms and people fleeing war could book a few days of rest en route to their destination.

“As the African proverb goes, ‘If you want to fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. The industry has been both fast and fast with nearly every global hotel brand using #HospitalityHelps. Participating hotels have tripled in the past 10 days and we expect them to triple again to 1,000 hotels over the next 10 days,” said Jonathan Worsley, President and CEO of The Bench.

To date, 322 hotels have signed up to provide accommodation in 38 countries, nearly 7,000 room nights have been booked with 33,575 room nights available, and this number is growing every day. 24/7 assistance is provided in three languages ​​(Ukrainian, Russian and English) by Ukrainian refugees who have been successfully hosted by #HospitalityHelps.

The www.Hospitality-Helps.org website connects Ukrainian residents seeking shelter with hotels across Europe that offer free accommodation. Hotels are encouraged to register and contribute their room nights via this link. There is no minimum night donation required, but each booking will be for a maximum of 5 nights in a double room.

The initiators of #HospitalityHelps are PKF Hotel Group, The Bench, HotelSwaps, Moodley, Museum Booster and Zoocha, supported by many others who have volunteered to help.

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