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By Geoffrey Anyanwu, Enugu

Determined to ensure that Africans do not lose their cultural essence as a people, the Historical Society of Nigeria (HSN) has started to take steps to make African culture resilient even in the process of globalization.

HSN President Prof. Okpeh Okpeh, who revealed this to Enugu at the opening ceremony of the Society’s 66th Congress Conference, said the realization that African cultures were emerging erode informed the movement to refocus on African culture.

He said: “We focus on popular cultures in Africa, local flavors and global dimensions. In the past, as an organization, we generate conversations about tropical issues that impact the socio-economic and political development of the African continent. Haven realized that in the age of globalization, African cultures are eroding; we decided to frame a topic that will refocus on African culture and see how even in the context of the globalization process, African culture has continued to remain resilient.

“The essence of it all is to make sure that we don’t lose our cultural essence as a people. African popular culture as a theme also suggests that Africa, contrary to the popular notion that we continue to consume world culture, Africa also has things that it has exported to the world community, that is the purpose of this conference.

Highlighting the roles that government and individuals could play in promoting African culture, he stressed that government as an institution that regulates power could play a role through its agencies such as the ministries of culture and of Youth Development, as do parents and others.

Okpeh stressed the need for Africans to find a place to navigate their development on the basis of their culture, even in an age of globalization where people argue that Africa is culturally zero.

The boss of HSN expressed his joy that the continent has values ​​that he exports such as the Nollywood industry, the sports industry and the universities when it comes to their research which they export to the global society.

Professor CN Ogboho delivered the Kenneth Dike Memorial lecture at the conference on the theme of the conference, “African Popular Culture into the 21st Century: Local Flavors and the Global Dimension”.

NYSC Director General Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim and Professor Koya Ogen were conferred with a member of the Historical Society of Nigeria.

Governor of Enugu State, the Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who was represented by his Special Advisor on Education, Dr U Kingsley advised participants to explore the neighborhoods to explore the cultural heritage and history of Africa to find ideas and recommendations that would help to solve certain social problems.

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