Immersive restaurants to discover in Houston

Houston restaurants aren’t just restaurants, corn immersive experiences you can touch, see, hear, smell and most importantly, taste. The city’s food scene is full of restaurants that make you forget you’re still in Houston. From South African cuisine to pan-Latin dishes, Houston has everything you need to take a trip without ever leaving H-Town.

Casa Nomad
Get an authentic taste of Mexico at Casa Nomad Restaurant and Terrace Lounge, located in The Heights. You can enjoy fresh tapas and signature cocktails that will transport you from Houston to Tulum. 600 N. Shepherd Dr.

Check out MAD Houston's Spanish-influenced menu including the Empanadillas de Cochinillo pictured.

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Houston Crazy
If you want to feel like you’re at a retro 80s nightclub, MAD is the perfect destination. The avant-garde and lively restaurant combines Madrid’s vibrant nightlife with a Spanish-influenced menu that takes you on a full sensory experience. 4444 Westheimer Road.

If you love Creole cuisine but don’t want to leave Houston, Prey is a top destination for Southern flavors. The modest dining room is covered in greenery and the menu goes beyond the usual seafood options. Go for a spin with Creole dishes like the Black Tomahawk or the Filet King. 1700 Post Oak Blvd, Unit 290.

Embark on a quest into the depths of India at Musaafer, which means traveler in Hindi. The restaurant is an exploration of flavors from a journey Chef Mayank Istwal took through the 29 states of the South Asian country. If that’s not enough, the restaurant has helped Houston position itself on TIMEThe list of the best places in the world. 5115 Westheimer Road.

Travel in South Africa to Mozambik in The Woodlands. The Portuguese-inspired restaurant offers a taste of escape, with comfort food, such as Sodwana Bay crab cakes or lobster mac and cheese. 1201 Lake Woodlands Drive, Suite 304.

Gatsby’s First Steakhouse
Want to experience the Roaring 20s in real time? Gatsby’s is the place for you. The restaurant lives up to its name and you will feel like an extra from the movie. The speakeasy-style restaurant serves upscale steaks, seafood, and caviar. Plus, craft cocktails like the Boulevardier, Mary Pickford, and Great Gatsby add to the 1920s vibe. 4319, boul. montrose

Kata Robata
For fans of clean design and relaxing aesthetics, Kata Robata elevates your traditional sushi bar. Get served upscale sushi and relax with one of their many colorful craft cocktails. Grab a seat at the bar and watch the itamae create beautiful sushi dishes. 3600 Kirby Drive, Suite H.

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