Inaugural African Culture Fund Academy: Cultural Practitioners

African Culture Fund (ACF) an African-based organization that promotes professionalism and innovation in the field of culture, diversity in culture as well as a just society. The ACF is scheduled to host its first cultural experts from across Africa at the end of 2021 in the first academy. It is ACF is a pan-African association which encourages professionalism and creativity in the field of culture and cultural diversity as well as social equity.

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The academy functions as an education camp which aims to promote the field of the creative arts across Africa. It will draw 18,00 people from eight various West African nations, including Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Senegal and Togo.

The headquarters of the company are in Bamako, Mali, said it achieved gender equality by selecting of participants . Women comprise 50% of all participants.

The bulk of the camp’s students come from the nation that hosts the event, Mali. The academy will be held from November 24 through the 6th day of December 2021. Assetou Diallo Sadio-Colibaly Souleymane Bathieno as well as Sikadie Samake are the representatives of Mali.

The acting ACF Director Abdoulaye Konate said that boot camp exercises will be conducted in complete in compliance with COVID-19’s health and safety precautions. The precautions include checking temperatures regularly as well as washing your hands and wearing a mask the entire time, and using Hydro-alcoholic Gel.

In an interview with the media, Konate stated that his training center will provide classes at the location. “In order to accomplish this goal,” Konate declared, “the chosen applicants will travel into Segou [in Malifor classes which are more interactive and fun. 

The school’s creation could not have come at a better time, as the world’s leaders are currently striving to create greener and more sustainable planet to ensure a more sustainable economic recovery following the COVID. COVID is a crisis.

This means that African creators and directors must be in positions that will assist foreign decision-makers in communicating new concepts to the local press with the purpose of making the diffusion of these ideas on the ground more effective and effective.

It is the Swiss Cooperation in Mali provided the money of the camp. It was it is the Institut Kore des Arts et Metiers is an institution of higher education that was founded in 2013 to support and develop the field of the arts and culture in Africa will provide technical support.

The notion of entrepreneurship in the field of culture

It is expected that classes at the Academy will be focused on topics such as the entrepreneurship of culture organisations, the management of cultural organizations that mediate dialogue between cultures, the digitization of creativity and culture as well as personal growth through coaching and mentorship.

Since the majority of culture professionals are individuals and do not have the social interaction that is common in the workplace. The personal development aspect in boot camps is an essential component. Thus, initiatives that promote sharing of ideas among African creatives could prove profitable both financially and personally for individuals who are free to work in the creative field within Africa.

Another successful candidate from the countries of Cote d’Ivoire, Loukou Jean-Marie Konan came across the university through an Internet searches.

While Mr. Konan is not an artist He manages the 18 clubs which are part of CUAC which is also known that stands for”The University Committee for Cultural Action. CUAC is an organization that was established by students in the hope to promote culture and art within the academic establishments.

The group is directed by the leader, Konan. Konan has been involved with numerous cultural activities that include music theatre, dance literature, art, and literature.

“I wanted to improve my knowledge and [develop] management skills to do more for CUAC and cultural organizations in my country,” Konan explained. Konan explained why he decided to attend the camp to learn. “I was looking to enhance my knowledge as well as develop management skills so that I could do more for CUAC and other cultural organizations in my home country. 

Ganiyat Sani is the only person from Nigeria to be admitted into this school. Also, she is a cultural director with only a brief experience being within the industry for three years.

The principal medium Mrs. Sani works in, which includes fashion and artistic and visual. According to her, one of the biggest challenges women confront when trying to express their creativity is the absence mentoring opportunities. This is even though the majority of people in leadership positions in the realm of culture are males.

She highlighted the reality the fact that “women experience a lack of confidence in their creative endeavors,” and added that this was due to assumptions and misconceptions about the possibilities women have.

In the time of the COVID-19 crisis In the midst COVID-19 epidemic, Sani was a patient of COVID-19. Sani stated that the cancellation of events affected her career because Nigeria’s health authorities were restricting gatherings for the general public that included events related to the industry. The restrictions were imposed on activities associated with the industry.

She is nonetheless confident that the technology will give African producers and experts in the field greater access to markets across the world , and consequently, create new opportunities for profit and networking.

According to research that was released at the close of 2021, published by UNESCO by 2021. total amount of Gross Value Added (GVA) that was produced in 2020 by the arts and culture sector and the creative industries (CCIs) around the globe fell to US $750 billion in comparison to the previous year.

But, this number represents about 1 percent of the nominal gross domestic product around the globe. It is predicted that a reduction by three-quarters one trillion dollars of the world’s CCI GVA would equate to around 10 million jobs being eliminated around the globe in 2020.

It is believed that freelance cultural professionals have had the greatest amount of loss in the business of creativity.

“Some artists went into debt during the pandemic because of the lack of flow from art sales,” Says Abolore Sobayo, director of Jelosinmi Arts Center, which is located in Oshodi situated among the busiest areas of Lagos. “During the pandemic,” Sobayo goes on to say, “some artists got into debt. 

Mr. Sobayo was an undergraduate of Yaba College of Technology and was active in the community of the arts for more than a decade. “It put them in a tough spot. 

As per Sobayo. Sobayo, in order to enable musicians to carry out their artistic initiatives , it is important to offer more funds. He is dissatisfied that a large amount of the funds allotted to creative professionals goes to Nollywood Nigeria’s most well-known film industry , which is not in line with different aspects of culture as well as the creative economics.

He also stated that the fluctuation in the value of the naira fluctuates against other currencies has resulted in higher operational costs for Nigerian musicians, who rely on components made from other places.

Similar training camps for different parts in Africa will be organized by the African Culture Fund. The camps will be held in Tunisia for those traveling via North Africa, Kinshasa for candidates from central Africa, Johannesburg for candidates from southern Africa and Kenya/Seychelles to those that are coming via East Africa.

The Director of Arts and Crafts Foundation (ACF) stated that an organization that Kore Institute of Arts and Crafts will provide guidance from a professional for approximately 18 months after the successful completion of the course and will award special certificates to students who have completed the program.

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