Jettwings makes a foray into luxury hotels and opens a flight school in South Africa

Guwahati: With 16 years of quality training in aviation and hospitality coupled with unparalleled placement records in their prize pool, Jettwings today announced its foray into the service industry by introducing its new vertical, “Jettwings Hospitality Private Limited”, which will operate luxury hotels, resorts and themed cafes across the country. To start with, Jettwings has already taken over the management of Casa Ahaana, a four-star luxury resort in Anjuna, Goa.

Now operated and managed by Jettwings, the exotic property is a blend of luxury and tranquility, surrounded by natural greenery. Speaking on the takeover, Sanjay Aditya Singh, Chairman and CEO, said, “The resort will soon welcome two new Asian cafes and eight themed luxury suites inspired by the northeastern states. We intend to make it a dream destination for tourists visiting Goa and provide our customers with an experience far ahead of what they anticipate.

Another development is the start of operations of Jettwings South Africa. The new entity, Jettwings SA, will provide high-level, cost-effective flight training that adheres to DGCA, CAA and ICAO training standards. Jettwings SA will fully operate and manage the existing UNITAS flight school in South Johannesburg with a valid ATO certificate from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). While ground school for the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) program will still be conducted at its center of excellence in Guwahati, the flight component will be taken over in South Africa.

Jettwings SA will operate from a purpose-built commercial pilot training complex at Vereeniging Airport, which is home to numerous charter companies, an aerial firefighting training organisation, crop dusting training and a fully functional aircraft maintenance facility. A school in a location with such amenities as well as controlled airspace will provide Jettwings SA cadets with valuable exposure to general aviation and open up decent career opportunities. “We believe that by giving aspirants in the region international exposure, they will get a launch pad to reach various top airlines from South Africa, the Middle East and India,” Sanjay added in talking about this international company.

Jettwings SA currently engage a team of ten highly experienced CFI, Grade II and Grade III flight instructors to provide quality flight training with the highest benchmark. The fleet of well-maintained certified aircraft available for flight training at Jettwings SA includes the Cessna 172, Piper PA34 and Piper PA28-181 models.

Along with the two major announcements, Sanjay Aditya Singh also unveiled a new promotional AV featuring popular Assamese singer and actor, Deeplina Deka who is a common name among young people.

Deeplina, who was also present at the conference, said, “Jettwings has been a household name in aviation and hospitality training since we were young and it has continued to maintain its glory. It’s a pleasure to be a part of their advertising feature which led me to visit their beautiful green campus in the middle of the bustling city that I otherwise ignored. With competition getting tougher, industry-focused courses are something we all feel the need for and I’m glad Jettwings is addressing this pain point for young people.

Despite significant headwinds from a pandemic-induced downturn and recession, Jettwings has managed to place over 900 students in reputable organizations, including the Adani Group. Reflecting on Jettwings’ journey from simple aviation and hospitality training to its current stature, Group Chief Executive Barsha Phukan said: “Over the years, the kind of trust and passion we have been witnesses for our institute and the industry, respectively, is beyond measure. The journey has been truly overwhelming and we are only grateful that we were able to make a difference in the lives of those who dare to dream.

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