Laolu Gbenjo will promote African culture during an American tour

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The electrifying performer, Laolu Gbenjo needs no introduction in the music circle, both in Nigeria and the Diaspora, as his act speaks for itself. Her performances are always seasoned with a unique African style of highlife, contemporary highlife, juju and Alujo mixed with an energetic dance style in unique costumes and appearances.

US-based Sammek Moments Arts and Cultural Entertainment has finalized plans to hold a US tour for Gbenjo and his band, where they would offer guests what they know how to do best in their delightfully performed African tunes. . The organizers also underlined the fact that they intend to promote and spread the talents of African music through this tour across the United States.

Attesting to what to expect from his tour, Gbenjo said, “Contestants should expect electrifying performances, seasoned with lots of energy, dancing and an atmosphere of happiness all around.”

Gbenjo started his career professionally in 2008 and has long impacted thousands of people around the world. With successful performances in different states of Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, UK and virtual shows across the world, he is surely a force to be reckoned with.

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