Low-alcohol, non-alcoholic cocktails for the dry month of January from restaurants in the capital region

Even if you’re not going “dry” for January, a plethora of low-alcohol or non-alcoholic cocktails on local menus are as deliciously constructed as those made with high ABV alcohol. Here are three top products you might like to try.

The beverage: Ginger Guava Cooler with Coconut CBD Boost

Where to find it: Umana Yana, Albany; umanarestaurant.com

There has been a huge increase in drinks that are good for the mind and body, loaded with adaptogens for stress reduction and calming effects. At the Umana Yana international restaurant on Central Avenue, a wine license means they offer eclectic wines ranging from an organic Lebanese Tempranillo to South African Pinotage, as well as grape-based gin, vodka, and spirits from tequila for their alcoholic “potions”. Equally billed, a selection of alcohol-free “boneless potions” make a tasty use of freshly squeezed spiced ginger juice, house-made ginger beer blending ginger juice and sparkling water and house-made chili syrup. House. The Ginger Guava Cooler combines homemade spicy ginger juice and guava, which adds body, and is served with a rim of raw ginger sugar. To that, and any of their N / A creations, add a Coconut CBD Boost ($ 3) for a deliciously potent drink with relaxing and anti-inflammatory benefits, but no buzz.


The beverage: Coconut and sake colada

Where to find it: Good night, Woodstock; good nightwoodstock.com

At Good Night, cooking ingredients play well in cocktails made with cilantro, chili, banana chips and Granny Smith apples. In a curious twist on a classic piña colada, the sea bass mixes tequila blanco and sake nigori with a thick coconut cream, skimmed in a can of coconut milk, and enhances the tangy flavors of chili and lemon. green. Nigori, or nigorizake, is a naturally cloudy variety of sake, and the lipid-based coconut cream creates a super rich body with less sweetness or an intense coconut flavor. The volume is amplified by vigorous agitation before being filtered twice to remove any solidified coconut fat. The result is light and soft. The flavors have room to shine and the net effect is a decadent dessert-like treat.

The ingredient: TAMARIND & TAJIN

The beverage: Tamarind Mojito

Where to find it: Curry Patta, Altamont; currypattacuisine.com

Owner Nadia Raza created this lighter choice of ABV when she was tasked with incorporating traditional Pakistani flavors into a non-traditional alcoholic drink. Tamarind is a sweet and sour fruit that grows in long, bumpy pods filled with seeds and a sticky pulp used in Pakistani, Mexican, and Caribbean cuisine. Packed with magnesium, hydroxycitric acid, and antioxidants, it’s also a known natural digestive aid and immune system booster. After mixing in some fresh mint and ginger, Raza uses sweet and sour tamarind syrup for sweetness in place of simple sugar syrup and vodka in place of rum, and builds the cocktail into a glass sprinkled with tangy tamarind powder and chili-lime Tajin, Mexican Seasoning Salt. Forget the vodka and you also get a tasty mocktail.

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