New Calgary Restaurants Coming Soon

The new year has seen several restaurant openings in Calgary, but figuring out which ones to go first can be tricky.

Asking friends to go with you, deciding where to go, choosing the best time, making reservations and many other factors come into play when choosing the right place.

It is always easier to go to the favorite and familiar place, but while trying a new place can be risky, it can also be very rewarding.

We’ve found the best new places in Calgary to try first to take most of the guesswork out of your next dining experience.

Mom Africa

Mama Africa is immediately stunning, from the breathtaking mural with plants to authentic African dishes. Offering sensations and flavors of African heritage, culture and mysteries, Mama Africa is a diverse culinary and cultural experience. The food and drinks are delicious, and the decor has been made for Instagram for anyone who needs their profile boost.

Address: 1410 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


noble pie

This place is technically not a new restaurant as Noble Pie is one of the best pizzerias in Calgary. They are, however, in a new space. It’s taken a bit of a trek to get here, from pop-up kitchens to take-out only, but this popular joint now has a room with high tops, booths and a bar to serve up the massive made-from-scratch pizzas.

Address: 720 11th Avenue SW, Calgary


Amate ice cream

This is the second Amato Gelato location here in Calgary, but the concept is different enough to warrant a must visit. There’s still the mind-blowing amount of gelato flavors to choose from, but this one is more like an Italian bar and cafe. There are amazing cocktails, Roman pizzas and fresh baked goods that can be enjoyed in this cute space. In the summer, they will also have the largest patio space on 17th Avenue.

Address: 602 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Chicken coop

Fried chicken is all the rage right now, and the addition of another Korean fried chicken is more than welcome on the Calgary culinary scene. This exciting new spot has it all, from small and large combo meals to savory sides and fried chicken sandwiches. These white and dark meats can be ordered Halal, allowing everyone in Calgary to enjoy the crispy dishes on the menu. Order one of four delicious flavors: Golden Crisp, Korean Spicy, Soy Garlic and Sweet Garlic.

Address: 3304 64th Street NE #18, Calgary


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