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By Tosin Ajiire

Itunu Oluwaseun Faseeyin is on a unique mission. It is about showcasing African art and preaching climate change awareness to the world through its creative works.

Omuo, a plant science graduate from Ekiti State, developed an interest in nature and African poetry during her college years. Now, as a successful writer, Itunu has written several articles for magazines and online platforms. Some of his works including Tales of the moon, sunset, Count the stars, and Mother Nature have been published outside Nigeria.

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In this conversation, the married poet and author of Rainbow Whispers talks about his journey to creative writing. Here are excerpts:

Tell us about you.

I am Itunu Oluwaseun Faseeyin. I am a proud Yoruba woman from Omuo, Ekiti State. I had my elementary education at Living Spring International Primary School before moving to Omuo Ore High School for my secondary education. I graduated in Plant Science from Ekiti State University. So it’s safe to say that I’m a real Ekiti woman. I am happily married. I like to read and write. I also like listening to music and watching movies.

Why did you choose to be a poet and not a fiction writer?

Everyone has their own area of ​​expertise, so I found my passion in writing real events rather than coming up with scripts from my head. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing fiction writers, I’m just saying I’m my passion.

How do you find inspiration to write, and what really inspired your anthology, Rainbow Whispers?

African culture, the rich African tradition, the natural environment and the relationship we have with our continent and our parents are major sources of inspiration for me.

Do you write by hand or with a computer?

Thanks to technology that has made it easier for us. For easier transfer and editing, I prefer to write on my computer, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I jot down points in my notebooks.

Could you tell us the story behind your poem, find the bride? Are you indirectly telling your own story?

No. It was not my story. it was about a 33-year-old man struggling with whether his parents would approve of his marriage to his girlfriend, as he needs their approval to get married. He fears that his parents will not accept him into the family.

What inspired the poem, Darkness? Do you write about your mother?

Not my mother in particular, storytelling to younger children under the moonlight is a popular act among African parents, especially Yoruba.

Our parents tell us stories about ancient times, tales to build us up and help shape our characters.

How many jobs do you have so far and which one is your favorite?

I wrote a few books. Some are out and some are yet to be released. Africa, my Africa is my favorite because it depicts the sad state of the African continent.

What are some of the challenges you face as a writer?

They are distractions and other daily functions. I have to be a woman, I have to be a friend and sometimes we just lack the energy. Writing can also be stressful at times.

After studying Plant Sciences, would you have liked to be a farmer??

I can not tell. I think we should all be farmers. Regarding my study program, I would prefer to work in more advanced areas like researching plants, how they can benefit humanity. I would rather be a laboratory crop scientist than a farmer.

How supportive is your husband of your creative writing?

My husband has been very supportive of me, he helps to create an environment conducive to thinking and reflection. It also helps relieve stress and pressure. Indeed, he was a wonderful husband.

Do you think creative writing is self-sufficient in Nigeria?

Yes. Creative writing is self-sufficient in Nigeria.

What novelties do we expect from you throughout the year?

Expect more books, more writings like the current play, Rainbow Whispers.

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