Seven hotel restaurants we take inspiration from

Knowing where to turn for design inspiration can often be the hardest part of any interior project, especially if you don’t like the aesthetic of the day that’s doing the rounds on Instagram.

Minimalism has been replaced by maximalism. All white is no longer the norm and most people want homes that look like indoor greenhouses rather than human dwellings… according to social media, at least.

Trends, however, come and go and there’s no point in jumping on a bandwagon just for the sake of it. Interior design projects can be expensive, and few people have the time, patience, or budget to keep up with these regular swings in popular opinion.

So how to avoid this? Spend some time researching what you like, even if it’s not necessarily the “trendy” thing. Clashing patterns, shiny paint and artwork can make it seem like you know what you’re doing and hotels are a great place to turn to for ideas on what works and what doesn’t. does not work.

Here are seven hotels we take inspiration from.


This one isn’t technically a hotel, but it’s too good not to include it, so some concessions had to be made. Arriving in Miami Beach over a decade ago, Makoto has spent 10 years cementing his status as one of the area’s top sushi restaurants. Recently found a new home on the third floor of Bal Harbour, the place has undergone a complete makeover – swapping out its dark, rustic interiors for warmer, more pastel colors. Architect, designer and scenographer India Mahdavi was hired for the project, describing the result as “a more feminine experience of Japanese cuisine. At the crossroads of cultures.

Claridges Hotel

An Art Deco hotel in the heart of Mayfair, Claridge’s is the self-proclaimed pinnacle of British service and timeless glamour. Always looking to the future in design, the hotel continually embraces new visions and voices with former collaborators such as Diane Von Furstenburg, Veere Grenney, Guy Oliver, David Linley and Bryan O’Sullivan, among others. The suite above is one of Bryan’s latest masterpieces, using bold, statement colors to add character to an otherwise plain decor.

The Connaught

Another hotel in which the artistic influence of Bryan O’Sullivan can be seen, The Red Room at The Connaught recently received the award for best interior in the British GQ Magazine Awards in April. A refuge guests can only experience through a velvet-curtained door from the hotel’s Champagne Room, this cocooning space showcases a collection of creative works in red by four visionary women, and the soft-hued palette allows the art of singing.

Eden Nairobi

A family home turned art-filled boutique hotel, Eden is the physical embodiment of the creativity that unfolds within the brilliant mind of fashion designer Anna Trzebinksi. A colorful pastiche of antiques and works of art (according to Condé Nast Traveler), the property includes nine different rooms spread across the main house and the studio of her late husband, artist Tonio Trzebinski. Decor is rich yet rustic, and each room is filled with artwork from the Trzebinksi family, interspersed with personal memorabilia, contemporary African literature, and wooden tribal headrests.

The Charleston pinch

A luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Charleston, The Pinch combines comfort and sophistication with a hint of southern charm. The work of New York architect Morris Adjmi and Method Co hospitality, the hotel is housed in a 179-year-old building in the city’s historic district. Touches of Victorian heritage mingle with mid-century modern comforts throughout the building with features like eye-catching wallpapers, plush sofas, and wooden floors among its standout design elements.

Sommerro House

Former headquarters of Oslo Lysverker, the city’s electricity company, Sommerro House is Norway’s first art deco hotel. Inspired by the building’s mighty past, inside you’ll find more than 200 rooms ranging from cozy loft spaces to lavish suites. Each room combines Norwegian functionalism with rich art deco details, bespoke furnishings and carefully selected works of art that recall the building’s brilliant history. Think warm colors, contrasting textures and beautiful light fixtures.

The Dean Galway

Galway’s newest hotel (and rumored hottest, too), The Dean is Tribe City’s first designer hotel…and they’re not convention, in any sense of the word. Offering very comfortable bespoke accommodation, the interior incorporates some of the locality’s unique historic structures, including part of the Galway to Clifden railway tunnel (built in the 1980s) and a two-storey building dating back to the 1820s. Inspire Take it from their design team and be brave with your bedroom paint/headboard choices.

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