South Africa: Restaurants decide to protest current lockdown restrictions

Restaurants in South Africa decided to place more than one million seats on the streets on Wednesday, July 22 as the industry protests the country’s current lockdown restrictions, according to a Business Tech report.

Speaking in an interview with eNCA, Restaurant Association of South Africa’s Wendy Alberts said the protest is open to all players in the tourism and accommodation industry who have been affected by the regulations.

She added that the regulations have had an impact on the industry at all levels as the government has failed to provide the necessary support.

“Each of the regulations has an impact on the industry. From the fact that insurance companies do not make payments to the inability to obtain funding from the government.”

“Not being able to get the UIF TERS, not being able to properly operate our businesses, restrictions on alcohol permits, curfews, schedule.

“At every turn, every statement and restriction has struggled in the industry and made us back down.”

Establishments took to social media to voice their concerns, highlighting the number of employees at risk of losing their jobs and the potential ripple effects for their families.

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