The Benefits of 3air’s Blockchain and Connectivity Platform for African Communities

Can you imagine how frustrating life and business would be if, in this 21st century, it was hard to find a fast and reliable internet connection? It can be daunting to think about, but unfortunately it is the reality for millions of people in Africa.

We live in an age where we breathe, feed and use information, millions upon millions, daily. Yet many developing countries still lack reliable connectivity solutions to support their residents and businesses.

Many African countries still lack adequate broadband infrastructure, with people unable to afford to cover their basic needs or even have a way to properly identify themselves. Solving connectivity problems requires building a telecom infrastructure and implementing identification and payment solutions.

This does not mean that the African population is not ready for change. Nigeria has an immense level of blockchain adoption with around 32% of its population benefits. This has a remarkable effect on the socio-economic status of the nation. The African giant leads in global cryptocurrency adoption compared to developed countries, with the most blockchain-friendly western countries still at 11% and just 6% adoption in the states -United.

What does 3air have to offer?

3air is here to bring about the development that Africans desperately need, namely equal opportunities for Africans. Blockchain technology and broadband connectivity are two things that 3air wants to put in place to help solve broadband problems in Africa. Hence, bringing unlimited connectivity and unlimited potential for all. 3air intends to use blockchain technology to disrupt the telecommunications industry.

A smart partnership with K3 Telecom AG has emerged to drive adoption of the 3air platform. With the Swiss broadband provider K33air will build broadband infrastructure and provide quality services to launch the 3air platform.

To begin with, the first step will be to bring Internet connectivity to African populations, spreading across cities. K3’s solution enables rapid expansion of high-speed Internet to millions of recipients in a city.

Once logged in, users of the 3air platform have access to a host of blockchain-based services, such as identity management, payments, and credit line creation. 3air also aims to enable users to generate a stable income by creating incentives to learn to win and play to win.

Finally, 3air aims to transform the telecommunications industry by becoming the world’s first blockchain-based permissionless ISP services platform that tokenizes bandwidth and other services, enabling secondary markets and facilitating the offering by other telecommunications providers of blockchain services to their end customers.

Studies show that digitalization has a positive impact on a country’s GDP. Africans will undoubtedly benefit from the full implementation of the 3air platform and its high-speed connectivity. Broadband is the foundation of digitalization, given its direct impact on all important aspects of life. Digitization has a positive effect on the economic and social aspects of our lives.

There was one global shift in recent years, and it has amplified working from home as a viable strategy. The talent market has gone global, where companies are looking for talent online. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can take advantage of these opportunities, and that is exactly what Africa can benefit from.

There has also been a significant acceleration in the globalization of education which affects our standard of living and our health. Education, health and standard of living all have a big impact on how we rate the quality of our lives. Frankly, it’s no surprise that the Gallup Index of Prosperous Wellbeing and the OECD Better Life Index show a strong positive link between broadband, digitization and quality of life.

Financially, at the current average global broadband penetration rate, the African broadband industry is expected to be worth $97 billion. When penetration reaches developed country levels, it might as well reach four times that amount.

In addition to this, it should be noted that Africa has by far the highest rate of urbanization expansion in the world, with an annual increase in urban population of around 4%. If this is true, it means that the demand for broadband connections will continue to grow and the market potential for 3air’s solution will increase by at least 4% every year.

Regarding environmental issues, 3air intends to be carbon neutral from the outset, and the technology used has been designed to consume as little as possible.

ISP providers will be enabled on the 3air platform to enhance communication with consumers in a transparent, secure and trustless manner, as well as service administration, marketing and community development. After the token launch, the agreements with K3, which are already in place, will be implemented immediately.

It is also possible that ISPs will take advantage of the 3air platform to provide identity-as-a-service offerings and gain additional revenue streams, or simply provide more value to their customers.

Apart from the many benefits that 3air has to offer, users can also earn rewards on the platform. Rewards can be service discounts, token and NFT airdrops, NFTs redeemable for specific services, and even cashback schemes. Simple requirements for rewards can be holding a certain number of 3air tokens, being a loyal and long-term user, completing tasks, referring friends, sharing and writing reviews. Without a shadow of a doubt, 3air has a lot to offer and Africa is ready for all the wonders of 3air!

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