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Animation of Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Source: Adwoa Serwaa Nuamah

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Meet Adwoa Nuamah, author of children’s books and creator of Adwoa’s Amazing World on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, where she promotes African culture and heritage.

Adwoa believes that social media has become a big challenge for our culture and heritage as Africans and people of African descent. Age-old customs and traditions that advocated altruism, compassion, respect, loyalty and other virtues seem to be disappearing in the age of social media. It is for these reasons, among others, that she created Adwoa’s Amazing World, a social media page.

Adwoa’s Amazing World uses innovative approaches including videos and storytelling to educate and entertain not only children but also adults interested in exploring and learning fun and revealing facts about Africa and beyond.

Old African stories and folklore, as well as new stories, told on Adwoa’s Amazing World, not only showcase the richness of our African culture, but also to educate and entertain the whole family.

Do you remember nostalgic stories like “The Falcon and the Hen”, “Mr. Gyebi and His Sons”, “Red Lions and Green Hawks” and “Kente Weaving at Bonwire”? What about African folklores like “Kwaku Ananse and the pot of wisdom”? Enjoy these stories and more at Adwoa’s Amazing World.

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