These are the most plant-friendly restaurants in South Africa

More than ever, plant-based options are being offered in many restaurants, including major franchises, and for the first time, South African restaurants have been categorized largely by the number of plant-based items plants available on their menus.

ProVeg South Africa (ProVeg SA) rated 23 restaurants across the country, primarily franchised fast food restaurants were chosen to be ranked.

The ranking was based on varying criteria on their food choices, he said in a statement.

Once abandoned, plant-based meals containing less meat and animal products, and more vegetables and fruits have become a growing dietary choice for many consumers.

The choice is also based on health, environmental and animal rights reasons.

ProVeg plant-based restaurant rankings have been done in the past for Europe and America.

The reason the research was conducted was to assess consumer wants and needs and reduce red meat consumption.

ProVeg SA found that the top six franchise restaurants offering plant-based variety options were Kauai, Spur Steak Ranches, Panarottis, Burger King, Simply Asia, and Steers.

The ranking received a rating out of 15, with Kauai receiving the highest rating of 10.5.

It should come as no surprise for Kauai to be at the top, as it’s a franchise that prides itself on being the healthiest alternative when it comes to nutritious fast food. Burger King came fourth after launching its plant-based burgers in October 2021.

Panarotti, ranked third, has included vegan choices and cheeses on its menu for its customers.

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The four trailing restaurants were franchises such as Nando’s, RocoMamas and KFC. Nando’s ranking of 11th is surprising as they offer “boujee” meals on their menus which are healthier options such as salads and poke bowls.

ProVeg Director Will Donovan said, “While the ranking report highlights a few franchises that have good plant-based options, the biggest takeaway should be the many opportunities available to franchises that don’t. have not, as well as opportunities for locals. food manufacturers who can provide franchises with these plant-based alternatives.

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