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Lafayette is the central city of the Cajun and Creole country of Louisiana on the southern Gulf Coast of the United States. A cocktail of European, Caribbean and African influences gives the destination a unique charm. Nothing says “America” ​​like a good burger. Burgers are foodie favorites because they have stood the test of time and can be reinterpreted in many different ways. From iconic drive-ins and historic restaurants to vegetarian and vegan options, gourmet burgers and even crab, bison and lamb burgers, Lafayette has it all.

5. Broaddus Burgers

Broaddus is one of Lafayette’s most popular burger restaurants. This café is entirely dedicated to burgers: there’s something for everyone here, from turkey to black beans, from impossible to good old beef. The stuffed burger is a beef patty with pepper jack or blue cheese stuffed inside.

4. Burgersmith

Your first vehicle, kiss, or Burgersmith burgers are all memories you’ll never forget. Sweet, juicy, specially selected beef is etched in your mind, accompanied by your choice of fresh toppings, hand-cut fries, and a craft drink. The famous lamb burger is grilled with Greek flavor and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and Tzatziki sauce at this regional chain.

3. inn of justice

Judice Inn, which opened in 1947, has stood the test of time. Stepping into Judice Inn, which serves the most popular burger in town, is like stepping back into the 1940s. These no-fuss burgers are great and simple, but don’t expect pickles or fries.

2. Fat Pat’s Westmark

Fat Pat’s, another renowned burger common among locals, has many places that serve the same delicious food. If you’re looking for a classic cheeseburger, fries and a beer, Fat Pats won’t disappoint.

1. Burger bar

Grub started as a simple dream to provide wonderful food, served by good people, for good people, and most importantly, to help motivated people achieve their goals. The Maverick burger features A1 roasted garlic aioli, tomato, spinach, Swiss cheese and fried onions.

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