Top 5 Most Popular Fried Chicken Restaurants In Columbus, GA | restaurant review

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5. Netta’s Southern Flava

There’s a southern food and fried chicken lover’s paradise, and we call it “Netta’s Restaurant”. Here you will get authentic tastes cooked and recipes by real African Americans. That’s usually enough for a southern fried chicken lover. But if you want more, let us know!

4. Plucked chicken and cookies

This is a very nice place to have breakfast of fried chicken and cookies. The combination of cookies and fried chicken is one of the most underrated. Do you agree with us?

3. The Lady’s Chicken Coop

If you want a restaurant where you can get a variety of chicken recipes from fried chicken to different sandwiches, you must come here.

2. Ezell’s Catfish Hut

This is the seafood hub of this city, where catfish and shrimp are incredibly famous. This is a family run restaurant where you will find friendly staff serving excellent food. You should have a full meal here (dinner will be the best). And never forget to add fried chicken, catfish and shrimp to your order.

1. Minnie’s Uptown Restaurant

This is the best place in town where you can choose to enjoy delicious fried chicken in a relaxing place. Mac ‘n Cheese is the second most famous dish at this restaurant as the fried chicken is the most prominent on the menu. So if you are a fan of fried chicken and you happen to be near this restaurant, you must come here.

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