Top 5 Most Popular Fried Chicken Restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin | restaurant review

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Scots and Africans started living in this area over two centuries ago and turned it into a crazy city. So this place will always give you a touch of both areas in its fried chicken.

5. Madtown Chicken and Fish

You can find two branches of this restaurant in this city on Raymond Road and Sherman Avenue. So if you are near these two places, find the restaurant and enjoy one of the best places to eat fried chicken. But the amazing thing is that it tastes much better when you eat fried chicken with fried fish. Your table should have fish recipes and their special fries with sauce with your favorite fried chicken.

4. Raise the cane

This restaurant has been serving people across America one of the best fried chickens around since 1996. The fried chicken fingers are the best thing you can taste here. The restaurant environment is extremely family friendly.

3. The drunk cow

Are you a big fried chicken sandwich fanatic who knows how it should always taste? If so, this restaurant is ready to become your favorite spot in town with its brilliant sandwich recipes.

2. everyday cooking

It’s an all-in-one place for you. You can call it anything from a casual dining spot to a cafe and a restaurant to a bar. As this place is another variety name, its menu is also full of variety. But still, one thing your table must have here is their special fried chicken served with every Scottish, African and American taste.

1. Mary’s soul food

As you know this place is filled with so many African Americans so they know how to cook authentic soul food. From the smallest recipe to the famous fried chicken, everything is cooked so well that you cannot leave the restaurant without praising the chefs of this place.

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