Top 5 Most Popular Fried Chicken Restaurants in Raleigh, NC | restaurant review

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There is no doubt that North Carolina is not the center of authentic fried chicken. But that never means you can’t get the real taste here. So let’s see what Raleigh has for you:

5. KFC

KFC is one of the most famous fried chicken restaurants in the world. From Kentucky, Colonel Sanders has made efforts over the years, and now it’s available in almost every country in the world. So, unsurprisingly, Raleigh locals also love this restaurant, especially their crispy and juicy fried chicken.

4. Jack’s Seafood & Soul Food

Jack’s restaurant is mainly famous for its soul food and seafood. The African American people of this city are big fanatics of this restaurant. But the real thing is that their fried chicken is still pretty amazing after not being the restaurant’s main meal.

3. Subway dinner

This restaurant not only serves Raleigh locals with their brilliant dishes, but they are also available in many other cities across the United States. If you are interested in a place where you can enjoy your tender fried chicken with a casual yet tasty and traditional American meal, then this is the place for you.

2. BB Crispy Chicken

In the center-east of the city you will find this restaurant where you can enjoy crispy fried chicken (from the outside) and delicious and soft white meat (from the inside). This savory is a favorite of many people who live near the restaurant. So if you live near downtown on the east side of town, how could you not have eaten that chicken?

1. Chicken Salad Chicken

This is one of the largest casual restaurants in the United States, quite famous for its chicken and especially its fried chicken. In this town you can get any fried chicken better than there.

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