Top 5 Most Popular Jamaican Restaurants in Lexington, Kentucky | restaurant review

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5. Hola Cuban Havana

Trying to find a restaurant that serves authentic Jamaican or Cuban cuisine? Hola Havana Cuban is the place for you. Not only is there a warm atmosphere and friendly staff, but the food is excellent. The menu offers all the classics, from goat curry to fish. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are generous. They also offer catering services for parties and events.

4. beach house

Beach House is an authentic Caribbean restaurant in Lexington. The restaurant has a Caribbean art theme that sets it apart. The cafe is extremely clean with very friendly staff who are always ready to help customers choose something from their menu.

3. African and Caribbean cuisine

If you dine out, try Africa & Caribbean Cuisine. They serve a wide variety of dishes, such as African and Caribbean cuisine, and are also very popular in the city for their Jamaican dishes. The food is so fresh because it is just freshly prepared and the meat is grilled to perfection. There are also a lot of dessert choices which are really good

2. Old San Juan

In Lexington, Kentucky: If you want to try the best Cuban cuisine, look no further than Old San Juan. This laid back little place offers delicious food with a great twist. Choose from jerk chicken and pork spare ribs with red cabbage and black bean slaw; an excellent choice.

1. Jamaican jerk

Jamaican Jerk brings the unique flavors and traditions of Jamaica to Lexington. The menu offers an eclectic mix of small plates and tapas like jerk wings. It is definitely one of the most sought after food trucks. Although you may wait in line for your order, you won’t regret the delights Jamaican Jerk has to offer.

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