Transcorp Hotels creates products to meet local hospitality needs

In order to fill the gap in demand for international travel in the wake of COVID-19, Transcorp Hotels Plc said it was able to identify and activate new products that meet local hospitality needs.

The company said it has launched several initiatives: a drive-through cinema, a laundry delivery service, and food delivery, all with the aim of generating long-term returns and delivering high-end consumer experiences. He added that he has launched Workspace by Transcorp Hotels, a business center for companies designed to stimulate business activities in a hospital environment.

Transcorp Hotels Managing Director / Managing Director Dupe Olusola said that “before the pandemic, a hospitality report showed Africa was the second fastest growing tourism region in the world, with a growth of 5.6% after Asia-Pacific, compared to a global average growth rate of 3.9%.

“Now, with the number of trips per year on the decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, conversations abound as to whether domestic tourism numbers will start to rise and how the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) will accelerate. progress for regional tourism.

She said that “after suffering a loss of more than $ 50 billion in revenue as a result of a changing society hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, players in the tourism industry are facing a new reality: how to recover from these unprecedented losses, create more job opportunities, and celebrate the continent’s dynamism.

According to her, as African economies recover, new interventions in the tourism and hospitality sector will emerge to help cope with the impact of the pandemic and slowing growth. Digital products like Aura by Transcorp will increase efforts to move Africa towards an integrated market, as the continent has one of the fastest growing mobile phone penetration rates.

Finally, it will offer a young African population and a growing middle class leisure opportunities.

“The AfCFTA deal is expected to boost around 50% of intra-African trade by 2030; less than a decade. Achieving this will require a perspective that encompasses local small and medium-sized enterprises. “

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