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Summer travel is picking up speed and Europe will be a popular summer vacation destination. A trip to Europe can take you back in time. Admire Rome’s timeless Collsuseum or marvel at the world’s richest art collection at the Louvre. Yet, beyond the glamor of the Eiffel Tower, Europe offers travelers a unique culinary experience.

Visiting places like London or Italy tempts you to indulge in staple foods such as fish and chips or pasta. What if you could visit Europe and delight your taste buds with the unique flavors of West African and soulful cuisine? Yes, you might be skeptical, but over the years there has been an influx of black restaurants in popular destinations.

If Europe is on your summer bucket list, here are some black/African restaurants you must try.

Paris, France

Paris has a thriving black cultural scene. From an array of black tours to a nightlife filled with Afro-beat DJs, black culture is alive and well in the city of romance. So, of course, food became an integral part of the scene.

BMK-Paris is a well-known afro-chic restaurant in Paris. As well as Jah-Jah, an Afro-vegan restaurant that tantalizes your taste buds with spices and seasonings from different parts of Africa. But if you’re looking for a good old South American flavor, you can find it at Gumbo Yaya.

Gumbo Yaya was founded in 2015 by Lionel Chauvel-Maga. He found his inspiration for the restaurant during his various trips to his aunts in Georgia. Growing up with a mix of French culture from her father and American culture from her mother, her menu options reflect the blending of two cultures. Soul food mixed with French cuisine.

Dublin, Ireland

“A thing or a person that cannot be excluded by darkness” is what is represented by the restaurant “Irawo” meaning star in Yoruba language. This Afro-fusion restaurant blends the flavors and spices of Irish and African cultures. Send your taste buds on a journey of African bean dishes and iconic Irish meats and vegetables.

Edinburgh, Scotland

This Franco-Caribbean restaurant, owned by Buumba Mweetw, offers appetizing savory and freshwater dishes. The menu features a variety of Caribbean specialties such as Jerk Chicken, Almond Coconut Fish and, of course, Fried Plantains. French decadents such as the traditional French cassoulet with Toulouse sausages and blue cheese salad are also on the menu.

Knight’s Kitchen has a lot to offer. Their mostly plant-based menu features homemade soul food derived from traditional Kenyan dishes. This family business operates as a take-out restaurant only. You can order the food in advance and pick it up on your walk around Edinburgh.


Pizza and pasta are two very good reasons on their own to visit Italy. Between carbonara and pizza, black culture influences the incomparable Italian culinary scene.

One way is through IBRIS, a black-owned pizzeria. The owner, an Italian immigrant Ibrahim Songne came from Burkina Faso and went through a drastic cultural change. This included overcoming culture shock, a speech impediment and the objections of a black man who owns a pizza place. Despite everything, Songne enjoyed culinary success. He created pizzas using local produce with bold flavors such as cream of potato, saffron and chickpeas.

Once you’ve had your pizza fix, you can check out Corey’s Soul Chicken. This well known restaurant is currently between two locations but used to be a popular spot. Corey, from Kentucky, continues the tradition of southern fried chicken with a family recipe of all-American ingredients. If you’re wondering if they’ll reopen on your next trip, you can follow their Facebook page where Corey stays active with restaurant updates.

Madrid, Spain

The capital of Spain has two Ethiopian restaurants. Restaurant Etíope Gonder and Restaurante Etíope Nuria. These restaurants offer authentic Ethiopian cuisine with injera (Ethiopian flatbread) and a range of colorful vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Spice BCN blends cultures using local produce from Spain and herbs and spices from Africa and the Caribbean. It opened its doors in November 2016 and has fulfilled its mission of making customers feel at home. They aim to help South Africans living or traveling abroad feel at home and to inspire non-South Africans to visit.

Lisbon, Portugal

Djairsound is a restaurant with Cape Verdean flavors accompanied by Portuguese-speaking music. With a 4.5 star rating on Tripadvisor, guests from across Europe have enjoyed their authentic African cuisine and welcoming atmosphere.

The motto of the Gingolé restaurant is: “it’s the flavor that unites us”. It is the flavors of Angola and Portuguese that have made this restaurant a must in Lisbon. A signature dish to try is calulu de peixe, an Angolan fish and vegetable stew.

Fried rice with salad.

Amsterdam, Holland

African Kitchen is a restaurant that offers a house specialty of Nigerian starters. As well as offering a mix of West African and international cuisine. This restaurant serves more than food but offers a true hospitable African experience. Some of the specialties include rice and fish dishes, as well as fufu. A stable West African food consisting of paste made from boiled and pounded starches such as pounded plantains, cassava or malanga.

In addition to preserving black culture, these restaurants help break down barriers between cultures. Inviting natives, travelers and tourists to discover and taste aspects of black and African culture.

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