You’ll Regret Paying For These Disney World Hotels

For many Disney World Guests, the happiest place on earth is more than just a theme park: it’s home.

magic kingdom

Figuring out where to stay on your Disney trip can be both exciting and exhausting, and sometimes your trip can be a little… different than you expected. With so many resort hotel options on the Disney World property, we wanted to know if there were any resorts that just didn’t measure up – so we asked our readers!

After a long day at the park is over, the moment your head hits the hotel pillow might seem like the most exciting thing to happen to you in the last 24 hours. But, Disney Resort hotels come in all shapes, sizes and costs, so we took to our Facebook page to ask:

Which Walt Disney World Hotel do you regret staying at?

Riviera Resort

When it comes to Disney World hotels, most guests have an opinion. There are so many perks to staying at the property, but no two hotels are the same in terms of perks, amenities, and of course, theme. Resorts offer cheaper rooms, but they are also smaller and not necessarily feel as a luxury hotel experience. Referring to a popular resort, one of our readers said: “The Art of Animation, The Little Mermaid [rooms]. The beds are too small.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

On the other hand, luxury Disney Resort hotels offer the most amenities and perks, all with that sleek, chic hotel vibe — with luxury hotel cost, too. In fact, for many Disney fans, staying at a luxury resort can be a “to do list” experience. However, one AllEars reader didn’t necessarily feel that way about their journey and responded: “Grand Floridian – not worth the money at all.” Grand Floridian is known to be the fanciest hotel in Disney World, so this is definitely a hot catch!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Many guests sing the praises of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge because of its incredible African theme — not to mention those unbeatable views of the savannah. But, Animal Kingdom Lodge only offers bus transportation to and from the parks, which can mean long wait times even before you get to your favorite attractions. That was enough for a reader to permanently cross that station off his list. They stated, “Animal Kingdom. Too far from the parks. It was beautiful but didn’t feel Disney enough for us. Glad we made it on our to-do list, but never again.”

Animal Kingdom Lodge Lobby

Speaking of Disney bus transportation, some resort hotels also have an internal bus loop, which means multiple stops at one hotel. Disney’s Old Key West Resort is an example of this, and it caused another reader to chime in, “[Old Key West.] We were in the middle of nowhere and had to walk half a mile down the main road just to refill our drinks. Being at a large, sprawling resort can be inconvenient, especially if you rely on Disney transportation throughout your trip.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort

But, in the end, some guests have no regrets when it comes to Disney Resort hotels. One replied, “None of them! They’ve all been great for different reasons! And, I mean, you’re at Disney so it’s okay!!!” while another said, None… I liked them all, just because I can be there! We like this attitude.

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Do you have any regrets about Disney World Resorts? Let us know in the comments!

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